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Most of you will agree that we live in a century of  progress in science and  technology – at the peak of civilization. Therefore, we often feel a lack of time for our personal matters. Finally, we realize that our century is a century where information and time are becoming more and more valuable. If we want to achieve our big dream or set goal without neglecting our daily duties, we have to make the most out of all possible opportunities. In one way or another each of us is a traveler: travelling  becomes the only opportunity to freeze time and relax from the enormous speed of our daily life. Therefore, most of us leave the trip planning in the hands of professionals…


Ametours ensures the travel experience of a lifetime to every visitor, every time. You can be sure both the value and the quality are exceptional.


So leave your worries to us. Ametours contracts over 3,500 hotels throughout the USA with the best conditions one can expect. Our extensive program will satisfy first-time and repeat visitors to explore the United States.
As you browse through our website, keep in mind that every tour that you find here Has received outstanding reviews.